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Very relaxed and a friendly environment. When I described my issue, Dr. O'Brien immediately identified the problem and was able to fix it on the spot. - Christa S., (Source:
Super friendly and helpful staff. Great bedside manner. Punctual. I never felt rushed. AND, as if all of that wasn't enough, tidy and orderly office is also a mini museum! Walls are adorned with ancient medical tools a​nd Civil War memorabilia. As a lover of all that is odd and historical, I think I just found my new G.P. - Diane F., (Source:
Loved Dr. O'Brien. I will definitely see him again. Great bedside m​anner, clean office and friendly staff. - Jennifer K., (Source:
Doc Tommy O'Brien provided me with a thorough exam, patiently explained each procedure and provided me with almost instant relief for some chronic problems. Most amazingly, I was able to bend my knees today without pain or those nagging crackling sounds for the first time in years and I didn't even come to the office to resolve that problem! - Melissa S., (Source: 
I have never had such a pleasant experience with a doctor! First, the office is gorgeous, clean, and located in Midtown by several subway and bus lines. The receptionist is a joy and Dr. O'Brien is extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly how to answer my questions to address my concerns and put me at ease! And he has a good sense of humor! I actually look forward to my follow up visits! - DIA D., Manhattan
Thank you for providing expert and compassionate care. I always feel cared for and my level of confidence in the medical care that you provide is infinite. Thank you for keeping me healthy. - Donna M., Manhattan
 Dr. O'Brien is also like a secret magician. He can fix you up like a wizard. He's literally saved my life! He also does a lot of volunteer work around the community. He really went above and beyond to give me life-saving tips and advice. Super resourceful. I am so thankful! The front desk receptionist is also always friendly and helpful. - Alice J. (Source:
Dr. O'Brien is professional, knowledgeable, and very thorough in his examination and discussion of pain management options. I've had lifelong chronic pain and he took the time to review my past medical history to evaluate what may be the most beneficial next route. The office staff is lovely and he is on time and spends as much time as you need listening and answering any questions you may have. I highly recommend Dr. O'Brien. - Cindy S., (Source:
 Dr. O'Brien is the greatest. He gave me an adjustment, which immediately made me feel better, gave me the meds I needed, and was incredibly friendly and personable. I will definitely be back. Ariel A., (Source:
Dr. Tom O'Brien has been my physician for nearly 10 years. Having spent a career in the Air Force as a pilot my health was always checked and taken serious. Dr. Tom O'Brien is the best physician I have ever had the honor of meeting and knowing. He always makes my health a priority. And truly cares about my well-being. I highly recommend him without hesitation. - Sandy K. LT COL, USAF, Retired, Westchester Co.
Very nice practice. Easy to make an appointment, friendly staff, almost no wait time. Dr. O'Brien is very personable, answers all your questions and is not rushed. Plus you get free gifts! - Diana I., (Source:
Amazingly informative!! Dr. Tommy O (O'Brien) explained everything in excellent detail and in a way my son and I could fully comprehend his medical problem ad the appropriate treatment. This way we understand why we are using the prescribed medication and how to use it. Thank you so much!! - Enid G., Queens
Thank you, Dr. O'Brien! I was scared to go to another doctor's appointment but Dr. Tommy said he treats his patients like family...and he was right! He was incredibly kind and most impressive to me, he really knew his stuff. Finding a doctor willing to talk to you for an hour (in NYC!), and discuss chronicity of illness and care options, was so amazing. He knows all about the CCA and wants to see his patients feel well. I highly recommend him to other patients. - Jess D., (Source:
Everything about this practice is good. He has the sweetest assistant, the cleanest office, the cutest bathroom, and a basket of samples in the waiting area. WHO DOESN'T LIKE FREE SAMPLES? He knows his information and is not shy about explaining it to you. When you make an appointment with Dr. O'Brien, you'll notice how he gives you his undivided attention. I hope you read this before choosing any other doctor b/c you'll be making a big mistake. - Felicia P., Westchester Co.
Great Doctor, very informative! He took me in and explained many ways I may prevent the issues I came in for. - Anu S., Queens
Dr. O'Brien, he is terrific. He diagnosed my problem and prescribed the correct medications. He also explained what was wrong and what the medications he was giving me would do. He took the time to answer any questions I had. He is a great family doctor and I would not hesitate to recommend him. - Marjorie K., (Source:
For back pain, sports-related injuries and other muscle problems, Dr. O'Brien is your guy. He's a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and has a good handle on how inflammation and nerve compression lead to pain, as well as how to manage that pain without heavy medication. Affable bedside manner, too. - Jennifer D., (Source:
Dr. O'Brien is probably one of the best Dr. I've ever dealt with! - Lola A., (Source:
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